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LAUSD Parent Portal

Parent Portal

What is the Parent Portal?

At LAUSD, parents/guardians are our partners in the education and success of our students. It will connect parents/guardians to information about their child(ren)’s academic progress, including grades, attendance, A-G progress, standardized test results, and much more. It also allows parents to apply for select District programs online, directly update emergency card information and access Schoology.

What is Schoology?

Schoology is a cloud and mobile platform that allows teachers to manage students' grades, develop and deliver curricula among many other things. This is where you will have access to your student's COURSES, ASSIGNMENTS, AND GRADES. It is where your child will receive updates, messages, and connect with their teacher via zoom meeting links.  

How is the Parent Portal connected to Schoology? From the Parent Portal you can ACCESS Schoology. Schoology can also be accessed via LMS.LAUSD.NET using your Parent Portal Log-in credentials.

How to register for the LAUSD parent portal

4. How to link your child to your parent portal account with your pin:

When you receive your Parent Portal PIN for your child you will log in using the Parent Portal Log-in username and password you created (please save this for future reference). Now you will link your student to your Parent Portal Account. Once logged into the Parent Portal, you will verify your student with the Parent Portal PIN you received from LAUSD. You have successfully linked your student to your Parent Portal Account! Refer to the User Guide below.

5. User Guide-Validate PIN Code in Parent Portal:
7. How to Access Schoology directly from LMS.LAUSD.NET:

Once in Schoology you will navigate to your student's courses. Please watch this brief tutorial. Credit is given to Local District South (you will be taken to a recording from YouTube).

Question: What will I be able to do with this online system?

A: Parents and guardians will be able to:

  • Access Schoology 
  • Monitor their child's class assignments, grades, and standardized test scores 
  • Track their child's progress towards graduation 
  • Check their child's daily attendance and monitor attendance trends 
  • Monitor English Learner Reclassification status 
  • Update Emergency Contact information 
  • Keep connected with their child's teachers through email 
  • Apply for District programs such as eChoices and the Free and Reduced Meal Program

For more information, please go to our Local District Northwest Website by following the link below. Here you can find a plethora of information for parents.

Have questions about the Lausd Parent Portal?

For any questions regarding the LAUSD Parent Portal, please contact Topeka's Community Representative via email or in-person.

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